Automation Terminals

Wired and wireless terminal systems produced for use in Smart City applications, factories, collective living spaces, etc.

Automation Terminals Capture Industry 4.0 with

Oliptek Intelligent Automation Systems. It can be used in schools, hospitals, factories, homes, workplaces, plazas, etc. Lighting, heat, humidity, water, ventilation etc. It is used in places. It enables the systems to be controlled collectively or individually and to measure the ambient values.

Automation control series are designed in a modular structure and expandable. The automation system, which is designed by selecting the terminal units determined according to the needs of the user and the usage area, provides the facility to be managed in the most ideal way.
The modules in the system can be used completely wired, completely wireless or mixed. Certain modules can perform a single function, while some modules can perform multiple functions. Terminal sets consisting of sensors and actuators perform tasks such as temperature measurement, lighting control, relay triggering, digital and analog input-output.

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