Smart City Lighting Control Terminals

Smart your fixtures with socket structure in ZHAGA, NEMA standards or conventional type old fixtures with our wireless terminals.

Smart City Lighting Convert luminaires with terminals

"Devices conforming to international standards - Control equipment for luminaires in ZHAGA and NEMA standards, including conventional types - Automation units for conventional products without ZHAGA or NEMA socket structure that can be mounted on poles or luminaires"

Oliptek Lighting Control Units provide operational control of luminaires and planning with scenarios. While extending the lifetime of luminaires, they also reduce service and maintenance costs.

There are various models suitable for pole, pole, armature, armature mounting (N7 Node, ZHAGA Node, PoiNode, BarNode).

They work on star topology principle with Oliptek StarGate up to 1.2 km distance over RF433 MHz.

Their addressing is ensured by a unique and unique UNIQUE ID. Thus, it provides convenience in integration with upper systems, monitoring and installation.

Models with and without a measuring system are available. While the lighting is controlled in models that do not measure, the models that make measurements also allow monitoring of status and malfunctions.

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